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  1. A Comparison of the Content and Primary Literature Support for Online Medication Information Provided by Lexicomp and Wikipedia
  2. A Composite Kernel Approach for Dialog Topic Tracking with Structured Domain Knowledge from Wikipedia
  3. A Computational Linguistic Approach towards Understanding Wikipedia's Article for Deletion (AfD) Discussions
  4. A Content-Context-Centric Approach for Detecting Vandalism in Wikipedia
  5. A Content-Driven Reputation System for the Wikipedia
  6. A Cross-Lingual Dictionary for English Wikipedia Concepts
  7. A Data-Driven Sketch of Wikipedia Editors
  8. A Disambiguation Resource Extracted from Wikipedia for Semantic Annotation
  9. A Distant Learning Approach for Extracting Hypernym Relations from Wikipedia Disambiguation Pages
  10. A Factory of Comparable Corpora from Wikipedia
  11. A Feature Optimization Algorithm of Concept Similarity based on Chinese Wikipedia
  12. A Framework for Co-Classification of Articles and Users in Wikipedia
  13. A Framework to Represent and Mine Knowledge Evolution from Wikipedia Revisions
  14. A Game Theoretic Analysis of Collaboration in Wikipedia
  15. A General Multiview Framework for Assessing the Quality of Collaboratively Created Content on Web 2.0
  16. A Generalized Method for Word Sense Disambiguation based on Wikipedia
  17. A Generic Method for Multi Word Extraction from Wikipedia
  18. A Graph-Based Approach to Mining Multilingual Word Associations from Wikipedia
  19. A Graph-Based Approach to Named Entity Categorization in Wikipedia Using Conditional Random Fields
  20. A Graph-Based Semantic Relatedness Assessment Method Combining Wikipedia Features
  21. A History of Newswork on Wikipedia
  22. A Hybrid Method based on Wordnet and Wikipedia for Computing Semantic Relatedness Between Texts
  23. A Hybrid Method for Detecting Outdated Information in Wikipedia Infoboxes
  24. A Hybrid Model for Learning Semantic Relatedness Using Wikipedia-Based Features
  25. A Jester's Promenade: Citations to Wikipedia in Law Reviews, 2002-2008
  26. A Knowledge-Based Search Engine Powered by Wikipedia
  27. A Latent Space Analysis of Editor Lifecycles in Wikipedia
  28. A Learning-Based Framework to Utilize E-Hownet Ontology and Wikipedia Sources to Generate Multiple-Choice Factual Questions
  29. A Link-Based Visual Search Engine for Wikipedia
  30. A Message's Persuasive Features in Wikipedia's Article for Deletion Discussions
  31. A Method based on Nlp with Link Structure Mining to Construct a Web Ontology from Wikipedia
  32. A Method for Automated Document Classification Using Wikipedia-Derived Weighted Keywords
  33. A Method for Automatically Extracting Domain Semantic Networks from Wikipedia
  34. A Method for Predicting Wikipedia Editors' Editing Interest: based on a Factor Graph Model
  35. A Method for Recommending the Most Appropriate Expansion of Acronyms Using Wikipedia
  36. A Method of Building Chinese Field Association Knowledge from Wikipedia
  37. A Model for Enriching Multilingual Wikipedias Using Infobox and Wikidata Property Alignment
  38. A Model for Ranking Entities and Its Application to Wikipedia
  39. A Multilingual Approach to Discover Cross-Language Links in Wikipedia
  40. A Multilingual Ontology based Framework for Wikipedia Entry Augmentation
  41. A Named Entity Labeler for German: Exploiting Wikipedia and Distributional Clusters
  42. A Naïve Bag-of-Words Approach to Wikipedia QA
  43. A New Approach for Building Domain-Specific Corpus with Wikipedia
  44. A New Approach for Computing Semantic Relatedness with Wikipedia
  45. A New Approach for Improving Cross-Document Knowledge Discovery Using Wikipedia
  46. A New Approach to Detecting Content Anomalies in Wikipedia
  47. A New Method for Extracting Key Terms from Micro-Blogs Messages Using Wikipedia
  48. A New Way to Use Wikipedia in Education: a Pilot Study of Map-Like Wikipedia Visualization on Ipad
  49. A Novel Approach for Building Domain-Specific Lexical Repository with Chinese Wikipedia
  50. A Novel Approach to Automatic Gazetteer Generation Using Wikipedia

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