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Quality dimension - set of measures (features) for quality assessment of the data (information). There are different approaches that defined measures and related dimensions of information quality in the literature.

Due the fact that on the one hand Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, and on the other hand - a representative of Web 2.0 services, based on the literature below are presented the most important quality dimensions for three sources of information:[1]
  • Traditional encyclopedias: Authority, Completeness, Format, Objectivity, Style, Timeliness, Uniqueness
  • Web 2.0 services: Accessibility, Completeness, Credibility, Involvement, Objectivity, Readability, Relevance, Reputation, Style, Timeliness, Uniqueness, Usefulness
  • Wikipedia: Completeness, Credibility, Objectivity, Readability, Relevance, Style, Timeliness


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