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A Bag-Of-Words based Ranking Method for the Wikipedia Question Answering Task +2006  +
A Bilingual Dictionary Extracted from the Wikipedia Link Structure +2008  +
A Breakdown of Quality Flaws in Wikipedia +2012  +
A Category-Driven Approach to Deriving Domain Specific Subset of Wikipedia +2011  +
A Comparative Assessment of Answer Quality on Four Question Answering Sites +2011  +
A Comparison of Generated Wikipedia Profiles Using Social Labeling and Automatic Keyword Extraction +2010  +
A Comparison of the Historical Entries in Wikipedia and Baidu Baike +2018  +
A Computational Linguistic Approach towards Understanding Wikipedia's Article for Deletion (AfD) Discussions +2014  +
A Corpus-Based Study of Edit Categories in Featured and Non-Featured Wikipedia Articles +2012  +
A Decentralized Wiki Engine for Collaborative Wikipedia Hosting +2007  +
A Factory of Comparable Corpora from Wikipedia +2015  +
A General Multiview Framework for Assessing the Quality of Collaboratively Created Content on Web 2.0 +2017  +
A Generalized Method for Word Sense Disambiguation based on Wikipedia +2011  +
A Graph-Based Approach to Named Entity Categorization in Wikipedia Using Conditional Random Fields +2007  +
A Jury of Your Peers: Quality, Experience and Ownership in Wikipedia +2009  +
A Lifecycle Analysis of the Revision Behavior of Featured Articles on Wikipedia +2014  +
A Lightly Supervised Approach to Role Identification in Wikipedia Talk Page Discussions +2015  +
A Linked Data Platform for Mining Software Repositories +2012  +
A Matter of Words: NLP for Quality Evaluation of Wikipedia Medical Articles +2016  +
A Method based on Nlp with Link Structure Mining to Construct a Web Ontology from Wikipedia +2008  +
A Method for Automatically Extracting Domain Semantic Networks from Wikipedia +2012  +
A Model for Information Growth in Collective Wisdom Processes +2012  +
A Multimethod Study of Information Quality in Wiki Collaboration +2011  +
A Naïve Bag-of-Words Approach to Wikipedia QA +2006  +
A New Approach for Improving Cross-Document Knowledge Discovery Using Wikipedia +2013  +