Learning to Simplify Sentences Using Wikipedia

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Learning to Simplify Sentences Using Wikipedia
William Coster
David Kauchak
Publication date

Learning to Simplify Sentences Using Wikipedia - scientific work related to Wikipedia quality published in 2011, written by William Coster and David Kauchak.


In this paper authors examine the sentence simplification problem as an English-to-English translation problem, utilizing a corpus of 137K aligned sentence pairs extracted by aligning English Wikipedia and Simple English Wikipedia. This data set contains the full range of transformation operations including rewording, reordering, insertion and deletion. Authors introduce a new translation model for text simplification that extends a phrase-based machine translation approach to include phrasal deletion. Evaluated based on three metrics that compare against a human reference (BLEU, word-F1 and SSA) new approach performs significantly better than two text compression techniques (including T3) and the phrase-based translation system without deletion.


Wikipedia Quality

Coster, William; Kauchak, David. (2011). "[[Learning to Simplify Sentences Using Wikipedia]]". Association for Computational Linguistics.

English Wikipedia

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