Fact Discovery in Wikipedia

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Fact Discovery in Wikipedia
Sisay Fissaha Adafre
Valentin Jijkoun
M. de Rijke
Publication date

Fact Discovery in Wikipedia - scientific work related to Wikipedia quality published in 2007, written by Sisay Fissaha Adafre, Valentin Jijkoun and M. de Rijke.


Authors address the task of extracting focused salient information items, relevant and important for a given topic, from a large encyclopedic resource. Specifically, for a given topic (a Wikipedia article) authors identify snippets from other articles in Wikipedia that contain important information for the topic of the original article, without duplicates. Authors compare several methods for addressing the task, and find that a mixture of content-based, link-based, and layout-based features outperforms other methods, especially in combination with the use of so-called reference corpora that capture the key properties of entities of a common type.


Wikipedia Quality

Adafre, Sisay Fissaha; Jijkoun, Valentin; Rijke, M. de. (2007). "[[Fact Discovery in Wikipedia]]". IEEE Computer Society. DOI: 10.1109/WI.2007.57.

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Adafre, Sisay Fissaha; Jijkoun, Valentin; Rijke, M. de. (2007). &quot;<a href="https://wikipediaquality.com/wiki/Fact_Discovery_in_Wikipedia">Fact Discovery in Wikipedia</a>&quot;. IEEE Computer Society. DOI: 10.1109/WI.2007.57.