Duth at Imageclef 2011 Wikipedia Retrieval

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Duth at Imageclef 2011 Wikipedia Retrieval
Avi Arampatzis
Konstantinos Zagoris
Savvas A. Chatzichristofis
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Duth at Imageclef 2011 Wikipedia Retrieval - scientific work related to Wikipedia quality published in 2011, written by Avi Arampatzis, Konstantinos Zagoris and Savvas A. Chatzichristofis.


As digital information is increasingly becoming multimodal, the days of single-language text-only retrieval are numbered. Take as an example Wikipedia where a single topic may be covered in several languages and include non-textual media such as image, audio, and video. Moreover, non-textual media may be annotated with text in several languages in a variety of metadata fields such as object caption, description, comment, and filename. Current search engines usually focus on limited numbers of modalities at a time, e.g. English text queries on English text or maybe on textual annotations of other media as well, not making use of all information available. Final rankings are usually results of fusion of individual modalities, a task which is tricky at best especially when noisy modalities are involved. In this paper authors present the experiments performed by Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH), Greece, in the context of participation to the ImageCLEF 2011 Wikipedia Retrieval task. 1 The ImageCLEF 2011 Wikipedia collection is the same as in 2010. It has image as its primary medium, consisting of 237;434 items, associated with noisy and incomplete user-supplied textual annotations and the Wikipedia articles containing the images. Associated annotations are written in any combination of English, German, French, or any other unidentified language. This year there are 50 new test topics, each one consisting of a textual and a visual part: three title fields (one per language—English, German, French), and 4 or 5 example images. The exact details of the setting of the task, e.g., research objectives, collection etc., are provided at the task’s webpage. Authors kept building upon and improving the experimental multimodal search engine authors introduced last year, www.mmretrieval.net (Fig.1). The engine allows multiple image and multilingual queries in a single search and makes use of the total available information in a multimodal collection. All modalities are indexed separately and searched in parallel, and results can be fused with different methods. The engine demonstrates the feasibility of the proposed architecture and methods, and furthermore enables a visual inspection of the results beyond the standard TREC-style evaluation. Using the engine, authors experimented with different score normalization and combination methods for fusing results. Authors eliminated the least effective methods based on last year’s participation to ImageCLEF [1] and improved upon whatever worked best.


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Arampatzis, Avi; Zagoris, Konstantinos; Chatzichristofis, Savvas A.. (2011). "[[Duth at Imageclef 2011 Wikipedia Retrieval]]".

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