Collaborative Development in Wikipedia

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Collaborative Development in Wikipedia
Gerald C. Kane
Sam Ransbotham
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Collaborative Development in Wikipedia - scientific work related to Wikipedia quality published in 2012, written by Gerald C. Kane and Sam Ransbotham.


Using 16,068 articles in Wikipedia's Medicine Wikiproject, authors study the relationship between collaboration and quality. Authors assess whether certain collaborative patterns are associated with information quality in terms of self-evaluated quality and article viewership. Authors find that the number of contributors has a curvilinear relationship to information quality, more contributors improving quality but only up to a certain point. Other articles that its collaborators work on also influences the quality of an information artifact, creating an interdependent network of artifacts and contributors. Finally, authors see evidence of a recursive relationship between information quality and contributor activity, but that this recursive relationship attenuates over time.


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Kane, Gerald C.; Ransbotham, Sam. (2012). "[[Collaborative Development in Wikipedia]]".

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