Characterizing Conflict in Wikipedia

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Characterizing Conflict in Wikipedia
Nathaniel Miller
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Characterizing Conflict in Wikipedia - scientific work related to Wikipedia quality published in 2012, written by Nathaniel Miller.


Wikipedia serves as the Internet’s most widely viewed reference. In order to ensure its success, editors who create and maintain articles must resolve conflicts over appropriate article content. Previous research has measured Wikipedia conflict at two levels: single articles and categories of pages. Author observed conflicts within small groups of articles, identifying their frequency, size, and intensity. Additionally, author identified individual conflicts spanning multiple articles and effects of conflict upon users’ editing habits. Author analyzed cross-article conflict in three stages. First, I cluster a group of 1.4 million Wikipedia articles. Next, author found individual user conflicts within each article cluster using a list of reverts. Finally, author characterized the individual conflicts and analyze population statistics. While most conflicts are low-intensity and take place in a single article, high-intensity conflicts frequently span multiple articles.


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