Wikipedia and the Ecosystem of Knowledge

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Wikipedia and the Ecosystem of Knowledge
Christian Vandendorpe
Publication date

Wikipedia and the Ecosystem of Knowledge - scientific work related to Wikipedia quality published in 2015, written by Christian Vandendorpe.


Normal Wikipedia as 0 a course assignment and make sure that 21 the topics related to false their false discipline are fairly false presented in this encyclopedia. FR JA X-NONE Thanks to a vibrant community united by a few core principles, plus detailed policies and safeguards against trolls and vandalism, Wikipedia has already become a piece of the knowledge ecosystem. Like science, its aim is to propose a synthesis of existing knowledge and conflicting interpretations of reality. It also changes the way people interact with knowledge thanks to its extensive use of hyperlinks, portals, and categories. As a consequence, Author suggest academics contribute to articles in their field. They could also use


Wikipedia Quality

Vandendorpe, Christian. (2015). "[[Wikipedia and the Ecosystem of Knowledge]]".DOI: 10.22230/src.2015v6n3a201.

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Vandendorpe, Christian. (2015). &quot;<a href="">Wikipedia and the Ecosystem of Knowledge</a>&quot;.DOI: 10.22230/src.2015v6n3a201.