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  1. 'Is' to 'Was': Coordination and Commemoration in Posthumous Activity on Wikipedia Biographies
  2. 'Move Along Now, Nothing to See Here': the Private Discussion Spheres of Wikipedia
  3. 'The Rolls Royce of the Library Reference Collection': the Subject Encyclopedia in the Age of Wikipedia
  4. 'Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia' as a Role Model? Lessons for Open Innovation from an Exploratory Examination of the Supposedly Democratic-Anarchic Nature of Wikipedia
  5. (1+ε)-approximate nearest neighbor search
  6. (Digital) Goodies from the Erc Wishing Well: Babelnet, Babelfy, Video Games with a Purpose and the Wikipedia Bitaxonomy
  7. (Don’T) Mention the War: a Comparison of Wikipedia and Britannica Articles on National Histories
  8. (Re)Triggering Backlash: Responses to News About Wikipedia's Gender Gap
  9. (Re)Writing "Feminism in Canada": Wikipedia in the Feminist Classroom
  10. (Weitergeleitet Von Journalistin): the Gendered Presentation of Professions on Wikipedia
  11. - Legal Nerc with Ontologies,Wikipedia and Curriculum Learning
  12. .@Senatorburr - Those Who Forget the Past are Doomed to Repeat It - and Put Our Security at Risk When They Do.Https://En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Clipper Chip
  13. 0-Step K-Means for Clustering Wikipedia Search Results
  14. 16. Teaching Digital Rhetoric: Wikipedia, Collaboration, and the Politics of Free Knowledge
  15. 1674A Using Wikipedia to Build Our Osh Community of Practice: an General Overview
  16. 1674 Wikipedia Workshop for Health Professionals: a Hands-On Course for Extending the Reach. Engagement and Impact of Your Occupational Safety and Health Information
  17. 1682F Partnerships to Expand Occupational Safety and Health Content in Wikipedia
  18. 17. Neurophyspedia: the Wikipedia for Intraoperative Neurophysiology – Introduction and Invitation for Authorship and Editorship
  19. 2007 Presidential Address of the Cha : Public History and Its Discontents or History in the Age of Wikipedia
  20. 2016 Open Access Week: Wikipedia Editing: Hawaiian Mythology

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