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This is a list of the most popular websites worldwide according to lists published by Alexa, and SimilarWeb along with its rating on the corresponding service.

Top 10 websites

Site Domain Alexa top sites SimilarWeb top sites Type
Principal country
Google google.com 1 (Steadyicon.png) 1 (Steadyicon.png) Internet services and products FlagiconUSA.png U.S.
YouTube youtube.com 2 (Steadyicon.png) 3 (Steadyicon.png) Video sharing FlagiconUSA.png U.S.
Facebook facebook.com 3 (Steadyicon.png) 2 (Steadyicon.png) Social network FlagiconUSA.png U.S.
Baidu baidu.com 4 (Steadyicon.png) 4 (Increaseicon.png11) Search engine FlagiconPRC.png China
Wikipedia wikipedia.org 5 (Steadyicon.png) 5 (Steadyicon.png) Encyclopedia FlagiconUSA.png U.S.
Reddit reddit.com 6 (Increaseicon.png13) 37 (Decreaseicon.png6) Social news and entertainment FlagiconUSA.png U.S.
Yahoo! yahoo.com 7 (Decreaseicon.png1) 7 (Decreaseicon.png3) Portal and media FlagiconUSA.png U.S.
Tencent QQ qq.com 8 (Increaseicon.png1) 11 (Increaseicon.png27) Portal FlagiconPRC.png China
Taobao taobao.com 9 (Increaseicon.png3) 35 (Increaseicon.png16) Online shopping FlagiconPRC.png China
Google India google.co.in 10 (Decreaseicon.png3) 6 (Increaseicon.png4) Internet services and products FlagiconIND.png India
Amazon amazon.com 11 (Decreaseicon.png3) 23 (Decreaseicon.png12) E-commerce and cloud computing FlagiconUSA.png U.S.
Tmall tmall.com 12 (Increaseicon.png10) 51 (Increaseicon.png31) Online shopping FlagiconPRC.png China
Twitter twitter.com 13 (Increaseicon.png1) 10 (Decreaseicon.png4) Social network FlagiconUSA.png U.S.
Sohu sohu.com 14 (Increaseicon.png3) 84 (Increaseicon.png120) Portal FlagiconPRC.png China
Instagram instagram.com 15 (Steadyicon.png) 20 (Decreaseicon.png2) Photo sharing and social media FlagiconUSA.png U.S.
VK vk.com 16 (Decreaseicon.png3) 21 (Decreaseicon.png9) Social network FlagiconRUS.png Russia
Windows Live live.com 17 (Decreaseicon.png6) 19 (Decreaseicon.png12) Software plus services FlagiconUSA.png U.S.
Jingdong Mall jd.com 18 (Increaseicon.png1) 69 E-commerce FlagiconPRC.png China
Sina Corp sina.com.cn 19 (Decreaseicon.png1) 122 (Decreaseicon.png12) Portal and instant messaging FlagiconPRC.png China
Sina Weibo weibo.com 20 (Increaseicon.png4) 97 (Decreaseicon.png1) Social network FlagiconPRC.png China
Yandex yandex.ru 21 (Increaseicon.png9) 16 (Decreaseicon.png2) Internet services and products FlagiconRUS.png Russia
Haosou 360.cn 22 (Increaseicon.png4) 124 (Decreaseicon.png39) Internet security and search engine FlagiconPRC.png China
Google Japan google.co.jp 23 (Steadyicon.png) 25 (Increaseicon.png2) Internet services and products FlagiconJPN.png Japan
Google UK google.co.uk 24 (Decreaseicon.png3) 15 (Decreaseicon.png7) Internet services and products FlagiconUK.png UK
Tmall list.tmall.com 25 Online shopping FlagiconPRC.png China