Manypedia: Comparing Language Points of View of Wikipedia Communities

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Manypedia: Comparing Language Points of View of Wikipedia Communities - scientific work related to Wikipedia quality published in 2013, written by Paolo Massa and Federico Scrinzi.


The three million articles of the English Wikipedia have been written in a collaborative fashion by more than 14 million volunteer editors. In each article, a community of editors strive to reach a neutral point of view, representing all significant views fairly, proportionately, and without biases. However, beside the English one, there are more than 270 editions of Wikipedia in different languages and their relatively isolated communities of editors are not forced by the platform to discuss and negotiate their points of view. So the empirical question is: Do communities on different language Wikipedias develop their own diverse Linguistic Points of View (LPOV)? To answer this question authors created and released as open source Manypedia, a Web tool whose aim is to facilitate cross–cultural analysis of Wikipedia language communities by providing an easy way to compare automatically translated versions of their different representations of the same topic.