Extracting and Mapping Industry 4.0 Technologies Using Wikipedia

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Extracting and Mapping Industry 4.0 Technologies Using Wikipedia - scientific work related to Wikipedia quality published in 2018, written by Filippo Chiarello, Leonello Trivelli, Andrea Bonaccorsi and Gualtiero Fantoni.


Abstract The explosion of the interest in the industry 4.0 generated a hype on both academia and business: the former is attracted for the opportunities given by the emergence of such a new field, the latter is pulled by incentives and national investment plans. The Industry 4.0 technological field is not new but it is highly heterogeneous (actually it is the aggregation point of more than 30 different fields of the technology). For this reason, many stakeholders feel uncomfortable since they do not master the whole set of technologies, they manifested a lack of knowledge and problems of communication with other domains. Actually such problem is twofold, on one side a common vocabulary that helps domain experts to have a mutual understanding is missing Riel et al. [1], on the other side, an overall standardization effort would be beneficial to integrate existing terminologies in a reference architecture for the Industry 4.0 paradigm Smit et al. [2]. One of the basics for solving this issue is the creation of shared semantic for industry 4.0. The paper has an intermediate goal and focuses on the development of an enriched dictionary of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies, with definitions and links between them in order to help the user in actively surfing the new domains by starting from known elements to reach the most far away from his/her background and knowledge.