Entity-Relationship Queries over Wikipedia

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Entity-Relationship Queries over Wikipedia
Xiaonan Li
Chengkai Li
Cong Yu
Publication date

Entity-Relationship Queries over Wikipedia - scientific work related to Wikipedia quality published in 2012, written by Xiaonan Li, Chengkai Li and Cong Yu.


Wikipedia is the largest user-generated knowledge base. Authors propose a structured query mechanism, entity-relationship query , for searching entities in the Wikipedia corpus by their properties and interrelationships. An entity-relationship query consists of multiple predicates on desired entities. The semantics of each predicate is specified with keywords. Entity-relationship query searches entities directly over text instead of preextracted structured data stores. This characteristic brings two benefits: (1) Query semantics can be intuitively expressed by keywords; (2) It only requires rudimentary entity annotation, which is simpler than explicitly extracting and reasoning about complex semantic information before query-time. Authors present a ranking framework for general entity-relationship queries and a position-based Bounded Cumulative Model (BCM) for accurate ranking of query answers. Authors also explore various weighting schemes for further improving the accuracy of BCM. Authors test ideas on a 2008 version of Wikipedia using a collection of 45 queries pooled from INEX entity ranking track and own crafted queries. Experiments show that the ranking and weighting schemes are both effective, particularly on multipredicate queries.


Wikipedia Quality

Li, Xiaonan; Li, Chengkai; Yu, Cong. (2012). "[[Entity-Relationship Queries over Wikipedia]]".DOI: 10.1145/2337542.2337555.

English Wikipedia

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Li, Xiaonan; Li, Chengkai; Yu, Cong. (2012). &quot;<a href="https://wikipediaquality.com/wiki/Entity-Relationship_Queries_over_Wikipedia">Entity-Relationship Queries over Wikipedia</a>&quot;.DOI: 10.1145/2337542.2337555.