Beyond Wikipedia: Coordination and Conflict in Online Production Groups

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Beyond Wikipedia: Coordination and Conflict in Online Production Groups - scientific work related to Wikipedia quality published in 2010, written by Aniket Kittur and Robert E. Kraut.


Online production groups have the potential to transform the way that knowledge is produced and disseminated. One of the most widely used forms of online production is the wiki, which has been used in domains ranging from science to education to enterprise. Authors examined the development of and interactions between coordination and conflict in a sample of 6811 wiki production groups. Authors investigated the influence of four coordination mechanisms: intra-article communication, inter-user communication, concentration of workgroup structure, and policy and procedures. Authors also examined the growth of conflict, finding the density of users in an information space to be a significant predictor. Finally, authors analyzed the effectiveness of the four coordination mechanisms on managing conflict, finding differences in how each scaled to large numbers of contributors. Authors results suggest that coordination mechanisms effective for managing conflict are not always the same as those effective for managing task quality, and that designers must take into account the social benefits of coordination mechanisms in addition to their production benefits.