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Automatic Text Summarization of Wikipedia Articles
Dharmendra Hingu
Deep Shah
Sandeep S. Udmale
Publication date

Automatic Text Summarization of Wikipedia Articles - scientific work related to Wikipedia quality published in 2015, written by Dharmendra Hingu, Deep Shah and Sandeep S. Udmale.


The main objective of a text summarization system is to identify the most important information from the given text and present it to the end users. In this paper, Wikipedia articles are given as input to system and extractive text summarization is presented by identifying text features and scoring the sentences accordingly. The text is first pre-processed to tokenize the sentences and perform stemming operations. Authors then score the sentences using the different text features. Two novel approaches implemented are using the citations present in the text and identifying synonyms. These features along with the traditional methods are used to score the sentences. The scores are used to classify the sentence to be in the summary text or not with the help of a neural network. The user can provide what percentage of the original text should be in the summary. It is found that scoring the sentences based on citations gives the best results.


Wikipedia Quality

Hingu, Dharmendra; Shah, Deep; Udmale, Sandeep S.. (2015). "[[Automatic Text Summarization of Wikipedia Articles]]".DOI: 10.1109/ICCICT.2015.7045732.

English Wikipedia

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Hingu, Dharmendra; Shah, Deep; Udmale, Sandeep S.. (2015). &quot;<a href="https://wikipediaquality.com/wiki/Automatic_Text_Summarization_of_Wikipedia_Articles">Automatic Text Summarization of Wikipedia Articles</a>&quot;.DOI: 10.1109/ICCICT.2015.7045732.